FIT4MOM Conference Heart & Hustle 2018, Recap

Since purchasing my franchise in 2015, I’ve attended three conferences and I must say, this last conference, Heart & Hustle 2018, was the best one yet! I’m still blown away!

They chose a beautiful resort, Paradise Pointe Resort and Spa in San Diego and it was amazing. It felt like a mommy retreat!

I’d planned to attend the entire year, however, I was offered a blogging sponsorship opportunity with my Fun Little Ohana blog that I just couldn’t turn down, and the dates conflicted with conference. So I ended up selling my All-Access Pass at the last minute. But, two days before conference I was clear that I was supposed to be there and so I ended up purchasing a one day pass and booking a flight to get there. Best decision ever!

My Favorite Thing About Conference

The best thing about FIT4MOM conference is, hands down the in-person connecting with peers and the home office team. It just fills my cup so full hug, share, and hangout with the other franchisees.

This conference there were several opportunities for connecting and learning. FIT4MOM has definitely leveled-up their conference game.

Here’s a Video Recap of FIT4MOM Conference 2018

To get a feel for what conference is like, at least the first two days of conference, here’s a video recap. Due to another engagement, I couldn’t stay for the celebration dinner, something I always look forward to! But, you bet I’ll be at the next one for the entire time.

Is FIT4MOM Conference it worth it?

If you’re a new franchisee, you’re probably wondering if it’s actually worth the money. If you’re a veteran franchisee who has never attended one before, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it and why now?

You know I’m a straight-shooter and an open-book on this blog- so here’s my honest opinion: if you are serious about your FIT4MOM business, don’t miss conference. Invest in yourself, invest your business. Go to conference.

Learning, networking, and business skills acquisition aside, I firmly believe that if you’re going to do something and be a part of something, you should be all in. One of the biggest mistakes of rookie franchisees is not taking their business serious enough when starting out.

Conference happens every 18 months and at FIT4MOM and they offer a reasonable payment plan that allows you to pay for your ticket in over time. For this conference, I paid $79 every month leading up to the conference.

Hope to see you there!

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