Use This Form, To Avoid Last-Minute Schedule Scrambles on Your Team

Remember last July how packed my schedule was due to my having to cover 12+ classes a week? It really had a negative impact on my business, because I wasn’t able to actually work ON my business. Well, to avoid making the same mistake again, I created a form for my team to complete. Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Team member completes form
  2. Using Zapier Automation, I am sent an automatic text notifying me of the upcoming scheduled changes/travel.
  3. My calendar is updated automatically with the dates.

I’ve been using this since the fall and I love the peace of mind of have. No more texts messages, emails, and ‘remember I told you after class two weeks ago’ conversations.

If you struggle with team schedule changes, try implementing something like this to make sure things run smoothly.

Of course, I used Paperform to create this. It’s my boo! I use it for everything! Here’s my affiliate link link so sign up:

Love + Aloha,


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