October 2018 Income Report

As predicted, this month was an ugly one. I had HUGE payroll costs this month given my virtual assistants overseas and since it’s a BB month the added expense of bb sitters onsite.

Further, because the lion’s share of my business revenue comes from my full bb sessions, my bb program pretty much carries my entire business, for now.

I’d would REALLY like to stop the roller coaster ride of bb enrollment months and figure out how to make my monthly recurring revenue consistently cover all of my monthly expenses . That’s my biggest struggle. And honestly, until that happens, I feel like I don’t have a sustainable, profitable, or successful business. I’m also looking at ways to cut payroll expenses and rent.

As for solutions to this, I absolutely will not go back to bb memberships because it didn’t serve my clients in the way I wanted it to. I’m not interested in adding on more SS locations at the moment as that would involve increasing instructor coverage and adding on to my class schedule. I’m happy with my schedule as is. Other options are:

1) to keep F4B enrollment at 24+ members every session

2) Figure out my preferred providers program where I charge for advertising.

My recurring revenue goal is $5,000+ every month. I WILL figure this out :).

Here are my UGLY October numbers (this might be my worst month ever since owning):

The silver lining of this? My bank account is not in the red and I’m not scrambling to do payroll. Business is still running smoothly, I just don’t like seeing so much money leave my hands so quickly.

Love + Aloha,


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