May 2018 Income Report

I renewed my franchise contract, the fee was $1,099. As a result, I am DEEP In the red this month :(. Riding the rollercoaster of mom business ownership and I HATE being in the red. I could have easily chosen to pay for my renewal fee over months instead of one fee, but it costs more.

This month was full of shocks, surprises and big distractions. So much happened, I was super distracted and my heart wasn’t in my business. Here’s this month’s profit and loss report.

I’m trying my best to reach $11,000 in revenue in June. Up to now, I’ve been focused on running one program in a given month. I’ve been nervous to start multiple programs/sessions in the same month because I know it will take some serious planning, execution and focus. But, I have a good team in place and this is the month I face my fears and plan the heck out of this month and hustle relentlessly.

The big reality is, If I’m really going to reach for my goals, I’ve got to make myself uncomfortable, stretch, plan and execute. So, here are my June goal declarations!

June 2018 Goals

F4B: $2,500

SS: $2,000

BB: $5,000

RC: $1,500

Profit Margin Goal: 40%

Love + Aloha


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