June 2018 Income Report

Ummmmmmm, Hello June! Remember last month when I declared my June goals? Listen, my mom business goals were S L A Y E D!  Honestly, I’m still in disbelief at my numbers! I’m excited! June was an incredibly productive month. I planned, I worked hard, and I executed like a boss and girl, it felt good!

This was a true BB month and I only wish all of my months were this beautiful!

Did you see that profit margin though boo boo???? 65.9% YASSSSSSSS!!! 

Here are my July Goal Declarations: 

BB: $800

SS/SB: $4,500

F4B: $3,600

RC: $2,000

TOTAL: $10,900

For July I’ll be launching RC for the first time. First-time launches always makes me anxious because there are a LOT of unknowns. But, I’m going to S T R E T C H and make myself uncomfortable by reaching for twenty enrollees. It worked for me last month!

I’m also going to refocus efforts on building up my SS/SB recurring memberships. I haven’t focused on that in months. It’s really suffered from my neglect. I must focus on training my instructors in sales, class planning, and execution. I plan to refocus on increasing my recurring memberships in effort to cover all of my monthly expenses. Thus, I’d like to have 100 recurring memberships at $69/month which will ensure my monthly expenses are always covered as I’m averaging $5,000+ in monthly expenses this year.

Finally, I’ll be running another F4B session and I’m going for thirty-six enrollees this time around. This will be another S T R E T C H for me because my comfort level is twenty-four. That’s the most I’ve had in a session. My advertising costs will increase this month as a results of my increased enrollee goals, but I think I can reach thirty-six. It will require a LOT of focus execution though.

Man! I already feel the nervous feeling in my gut growing as I type this! Here’s to stretching in July and hitting $10,000+ without BB!

Love + Aloha,


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