July 2018 Income Report

I entered July full of hope, bright-eyed and full of excitement that about my new programs launching. But, I failed to plan and account for instructor summer travel.

I learned BIG lessons in July. Here’s what happened…

I forced myself to try and launch multiple programs (F4B, BB, and RC) all in the same month. Now, I knew it would either be a big success or a big fat failure, but, not guts no glory right? So, I went for it and, it didn’t work out so well.

From what I can piece together, I had too many program starting at the same time. It was simply too much.  I should have given each program a week to focus my effort and energy on promoting. Instead, I tried running ads for each program at the same time and that just wasn’t effective marketing. Ended up with a hefty FB ads as s result of that.

In addition, the majority of my instructor team was away on the mainland. Thus, I taught the lion’s share of class. Of the twenty-one classes I taught twelve in one week. That really took away from time I could have devoted to my business and my programs launches.

It all was very poor timing.

Here are my July numbers.  The good news is, I had some additional income come in from a webpage redesign I’m working on for a friend, and from helping franchisees set up their landing pages. So, it wasn’t that bad income-wise, but a big FAIL on the multiple programs launch effort.

Going forward, I’m going to implement a system that lets me know when an instructor will be away or traveling, so I won’t be caught off-guard like that again.

Love + Aloha,


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