January 2018 Income Report

Aloha January! You guys, I’m sooooo happy to finally bounce back after a brutal, fall-flat-on-my-face 2017. It was a disastrous time for me, on all business fronts. Girl….. Girrrrrrl… It. was. ROUGH.

My business grew, my team grew, my income disappeared. My bank account was in the red so much towards the end of 2017 that I just stopped looking at it (that ever happen to you?). I just didn’t want to see how much more in the red I was. It was like watching a car wreck.

But, toward the end of December, I started dusting myself off and made some big changes to my business:

  1. Changed BB from membership back to sessions
  2. Finally called it on a struggling SS location, but in doing so, disappointed a few instructors.
  3. Shifted focus to the programs that actually make me money.

I’m grateful for each ugly lesson I learned last year though! You bet I will NOT repeat the mistakes I made.

But January though!! I could not wait to get start promoting my BB Sessions again and I was relentless!! Also had a great F4B enrollment! Here are my numbers:

Alright!!!! 49.6% profit margin, I’ll take it!!  FYI, the “Cost of Goods Sold” is my 2% royalty fee.

Going forward, I’m going to try and figure out how to break down my revenue by the program in Pike13. But for now, these are my numbers for January.  My best revenue generators this month were my BB and F4B programs.

Love + Aloha!

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