April 2018 Income Report

Aloha April! I sure do wish you weren’t such a high expenses month for me, but that’s alright. I’m moving my business in the right direction. This month was an expensive one because I had some overlap with my new virtual assistant hires and the ending of F4B program manager contract. Thus, I spent a lot more than usual. Big mistake.

Going forward, I think next time I want to do something like this, I’ll actually SAVE up for it.

Nervous about my virtual assistants, but looking forward to giving it a try.

Love + Aloha,


  1. Hi! I love your blog and it has been super helpful to me as I am in the process of opening my own franchise location. I had a question about your operating expenses, some months it is as high as $6000 what do you include in that?

    1. Hey Michaela! It’s primarily due to my having to purchase equipment and if it’s the end of a BB Session, I purchase leis for all of my moms and gift cards for awards. My contractor expenses are about $3200 a month. The rest is rent, supplies, franchise fee, royalties, and equipment.

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